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Drive Mercedes-AMG GT 1 Hour

Price £300.00

Duration 60 minutes

With expert guidance from a Pro Driver in the passenger seat, get behind the wheel of a Mercedes-AMG GT.

Experience summary: Drive Mercedes-AMG GT 1 Hour


The Experience.

The Mercedes-AMG GT introduced the world to one of the greatest V8 engines ever designed. Experience this for yourself on the same track driven on by our Formula 1™ Champions. The power and balanced handling of this 2-seater sports car will excite like no other. Familiarise yourself for the first 30 minutes in a high performance Mercedes-AMG 63, then step it up for the rest of the hour in the breathtaking GT

  • Power (max) - 552bhp 0 - 60 mph (max) - 4.0s

The Models.

Please read the terms and conditions before deciding to proceed.

Terms and Conditions

The Circuits.

  • Handling Circuit

  • Dynamic Straight

  • Wet Dynamic Straight

  • Wet Skid Circle

Relive the experience.

Relive your driving experience at Mercedes-Benz World by purchasing an in car recording for £30. We will capture every twist and turn, so you can share with your family and friends.