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Drive Mercedes-AMG GT Passenger Ride

Price £65.00

Duration 15 minutes

Prepare yourself for the breathtaking speed and superb handling of the GT as our Pro Driver takes to the track.

Experience summary: Drive Mercedes-AMG GT Passenger Ride


The Experience.

Hit the apex, discover the perfect driving line and optimum breaking points as our Pro Driver demonstrates the awesome capabilities of our GT.

The Stats.

  • Power (max) - 639hp 0 - 60 mph (max) - 3.4s

The Models.

Please read the terms and conditions before deciding to proceed.

Terms and Conditions

The Circuits.

  • Handling Circuit

  • Dynamic Straight

  • Wet Dynamic Straight

Relive the experience.

Relive your driving experience at Mercedes-Benz World by purchasing an in car recording for £30. We will capture every twist and turn, so you can share with your family and friends.