Driving Experiences – Mercedes-Benz World

Midweek Driving Experience offers.

Push your driving skills to the limit on our thrilling Handling Circuits OR tackle steep inclines and nerve-wrecking descents as you experience our off-road course.

Re-opening Offers

Make a day of it.

With three floors of attractions and displays, Mercedes-Benz World is the perfect day out for all the family.


Track experiences.

With 2.5km of Handling Circuits, Mercedes-Benz World is the ideal place to test our dynamic Mercedes-AMGs.


Off-road experiences.

Experience the astounding capabilities of our SUVs on our 10-acre off-road course.

Whether on gravel, mud or the axle-twisting obstacles, these experiences will put your nerves to the test.


Mercedes-Benz All-Electric Driving.

You'll be surprised how electric can work for you. And there's no better way to find out than in our all new fully electric Driving Experience. 

Mercedes-EQ 1 Hour Experience
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