Driving Experiences – Mercedes-Benz World

Summer Offer 15 July - 5 September.

Passenger Ride for two.

Share this exhilarating experience with friends or family, feel the power of an AMG 63 or venture off-road in one of our iconic G-Class.

An unforgettable experience with a Pro Driver behind the wheel for only £35. 

Please call our contact centre on 0370 400 4000 for more information.

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Bolt onto your Driving Experience.

Experience the thrills and excitement on the circuits for longer by extending drive time on your current Driving Experience. 


Add 30 minutes onto your AMG Driving Experience for £95, 30 Minutes onto your 4x4 Driving Experience for £65 or 30 minutes onto your Drive Mercedes-Benz Experience for £45. 


Please call our contact centre on 0370 400 4000 for more information.

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Midweek Driving Experience offers.

Push your driving skills to the limit on our thrilling Handling Circuits OR tackle steep inclines and nerve-wrecking descents as you experience our off-road course.

Re-opening Offers

Mercedes-EQ Driving experience.

You'll be surprised how electric can work for you. And there's no better way to find out than in our all new fully electric Driving Experience. 

Mercedes-EQ 1 Hour Experience

Track experiences.

With 2.5km of Handling Circuits, Mercedes-Benz World is the ideal place to test our dynamic Mercedes-AMGs.


Off-road experiences.

Experience the astounding capabilities of our SUVs on our 10-acre off-road course.

Whether on gravel, mud or the axle-twisting obstacles, these experiences will put your nerves to the test.



Mercedes-EQ 10 minute experience.

Experience the Mercedes-EQC with a Pro Driver behind the wheel driving around twists and turns on our Circuit.

Subject to availability on the day - No pre-booking available.

Make a day of it.

With three floors of attractions and displays, Mercedes-Benz World is the perfect day out for all the family.