Drive 4x4 Classic G-Class 1 Hour Experience – Mercedes-Benz World
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Drive 4x4 Classic G-Class 1 Hour Experience

Price £150.00

Duration 60 minutes

Come and tackle the steep inclines, water crossings and axle-twisting obstacles of our Off-Road Course.

Experience summary: Drive 4x4 Classic G-Class 1 Hour Experience


Drive the world famous G-Class on our dedicated 10-acre off-road course. Learn how to climb seemingly impossible slopes, cross axle-twisting ditches and wade through deep water. For the first time experience the impressive off-road capabilities of our legendary G-Class.

The Models.

Please read the terms and conditions before deciding to proceed.

Terms and Conditions

The Circuits.

  • 10-acre Off-Road Circuit

    Track/4x4 Course Created with Sketch.

Relive the experience.

Using 2 cameras mounted within the car, we’ll capture every twist and turn, flawless drift or extreme off-road manoeuvre you perform.

Share this once in a lifetime moment with friends and family with the footage captured on a USB drive for £30 per recording including VAT.